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TESOLANZ is the New Zealand association of ESOL teachers in all areas of education. We offer you an opportunity to network with others in the ESOL field, professional development, conferences and expos, and we are also a major representative of the ESOL sector lobbying for the language needs of migrants and refugees. 

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AGM and Symposium

The 2015 TESOLANZ AGM will take place at

The University of Otago Language Centre, duedin, together with a symposium on "Transitions in ESOL". For more information see AGM and OTAGOTESOL.

Peace Issue of Password

A special issue of Password with a Peace theme was produced in honour of Dorothy Brown, the great English teacher and peace worker. It can be downloaded from the Honour and Awards page.

TEC Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy refresh consultation

The TEC is refreshing its Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy. The refreshed Strategy will guide the TEC’s work in adult literacy and numeracy from 2016 to 2020. The TEC has drafted a Consultation Paper to seek your feedback on the TEC’s proposed future priorities within a refreshed Strategy. This paper reflects findings from the TEC workshops held in late 2014 with key stakeholders, as well as the TEC’s initial thinking. To take part go to the TEC website.


According to new TEC rules, ESOL teachers on Level 1 and 2 SAC-funded programmes such as NZCEL will be required to hold NCALE, a full-time 18-month qualification for literacy teachers. TESOLANZ opposes this move. For further information see the Tertiary SIG page.

Refugee Resettlement

If you are interested in refugee resettlement you will find the following report by Jody Lynn McBrien on government policies and their effects very enlightening.


Learn to Teach

Where can you learn to teach English - or other languages? Visit the TESOLANZ Directory. Teaching institutions are welcome to send course information for the page - no charge.

Which Qualification?

Which qualification do you need to become an EFL or ESL teacher in New Zealand or overseas? Find some suggestions on our Directory of programmes. Any institution offering a TESOL programme can advertise their course free.

Calls for Papers

Academic journals are invited to have their Call for Papers listed on the TESOLANZ website.

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