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TESOLANZ (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Aotearoa New Zealand) provides professional support, networking and a voice for people involved with ESOL at all levels. Check the website regularly for updates on local ESOL news, professional development, conferences, resources and jobs.

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the site has all 1,600 accredited English language schools in 9 countries.

EONZ supports education outside the classroom (EOTC) and learning experiences in the outdoors through provision of professional development, training, resources, guidance, mentoring and national leadership


The Consumer advocacy organization, has published a guide about translation services


The global education choice platform

LanguageLearningPortal is a website that helps prospective language learners to find, compare, and select the right language course that matches their needs. We are striving to attract more enthusiastic language learners who want to expose themselves to new environments and learn a foreign language.

We help individuals worldwide to find and compare education. Our mission is to make study choice transparent globally. We noticed, that apart from an impressive amount of interesting information for individuals, you also provide a list of useful links about language resources.

· Take short language test to find the perfect language course

· We already list over 4,024 language schools in 29 countries

Open Colleges


Developing your Career in Writing & Communication

Australia's leading online educator. Call: 1300 409 227
A job in Writing & Communication gives workers satisfaction that they are contributing to their clients' intended audiences' understanding of issues, news, data and information. This career path can lead you in many different directions, using your core talents to improve the reading experience of others.

English Teacher EDU

Information about being an English teacher in the United States.

SLS List Serv

Michigan State University

SLS List Serv

The Second Language Studies (SLS) program and Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University are pleased to announce the launch of our new SLS List Serv. This list serv is a platform for you to post messages related to the field of second language acquisition (SLA). A weekly newsletter will be compiled and sent out to subscribers. To subscribe, please click on the link above.

Languages in Aotearoa New Zealand

Royal Society

Languages in Aotearoa New Zealand

A report from the Royal Society

This paper presents a broad view of languages use in New Zealand using international and national research. The research outlined explores the case for a national languages policy in order to unify disparate policies and areas of practice.

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Ministry of Education statistics

ESOL Funded Students in Schools – Terms 1 and 2, 2012

ESOL Funded Students in Schools - Term 1 2013

Ministry of Education statistics

Now available Download MOE statistics on English language learners (ELLs) who are currently eligible and receiving ESOL funding:

MOE Statistics Period 2 2012

New Kiwis programme

New Kiwis programme

New Kiwis programme is a a partnership project between the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Immigration New Zealand. It can help newcomers in two ways. The website connects migrants to employers and helps them understand ‘how recruitment is done here’ and how to present their overseas experience to NZ employers. The New Kiwis programme links jobseekers to the Chamber’s extensive network of employers and vice versa. There is no cost to the candidate or employer.


As a language lover, I and all the cooperatives at went through a thorough analysis and gathered together all the best images, the most shared, liked and commented ones around Facebook. They will certainly be very useful for you, ESL Language Teacher, as a learning tool as well as a way to diversify your classes by showing them to your students! You can get full access here:

Have a look at our Facebook page and check them out; we're not kidding! If you want to become a fan of our page, we'll be more than pleased to welcome you! Just visit us here:, like and follow us!

We love to share the best content, but we love even more to get the best input or insights from others. If you think you can contribute with your images, go ahead and send them to us, we'll be pleased to share them with our audience, tag you as and see if it works!

We believe our content will be worth sharing with others. Don't go any further and share our link on your website. This is a good way for you to share with your students funny content reachable as quickly as the speed of a click

100 Best Web Resources for Educators

100 Best Web Resources for Educators

Online Masters in has created a list of the 100 Best Web Resources for Educators in 2012. Accounting for factors such as years of teaching experience, quality of content, readership, and reputation, you can navigate this list to top blogs and websites for educators. For easy navigation, the list is divided into four categories: preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Please note, all of the websites on this list are fantastic resources, and they are not presented in order of rank.

Human Rights Commission

Diversity Action:

National Languages Policy:

Foreign Language
Teaching Methods

Professional development modules for foreign language
instruction at the high-school and college levels.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods

Foreign Language Teaching Methods focuses on 12 different aspects of language teaching, each taught by a different expert instructor. The site contains video footage from an actual methods course held at the University of Texas at Austin. This flexible resource is designed to be used by foreign language teachers as a component of a classroom methods course or as a stand-alone course for independent learners.

Alpadia Language Schools

Language courses in Europe for kids, teens and adults with ESL Language Schools.

Study abroad languages

Learn and study English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Russian abroad in one of our language schools

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Language school abroad

Learn a different language in an international language school: Spanish, Italian,German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese



Department of Labour

Ministry of Education


Statistics New Zealand

2006 census information on ethnicity and language:

Immigration New Zealand

Yearly statistics on numbers of residents, refugees, etc by nationality:

Department of Labour

Monthly reports on immigration trends, including the various visa types (visitor, skilled migrant, student, etc) and country:

Ministry of Education

Quarterly reports on international students, where they are studying, types of courses, country of origin, etc:

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

Information on registered providers

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Developing a free Rosetta Stone for English

Free Rosetta Stone for English

Would you like to help with a free open source software system to make what amounts to a free version of Rosetta Stone for English speech and reading learners? Back in 2003, I helped Rosetta Stone's engineers with their speech recognition technology for pronunciation assessment, but I was never able, as they were, to license the patent that controlled commercial use of that technology. That patent recently expired, so my friends and I are making a free open source game to teach English reading and pronunciation for free to anyone on the web. We have some generous support from Google Summer of Code and the One Laptop Per Child contributors' program. But to make it useful and engaging for English learners of all ages and experience levels, and on the current generation of less expensive Android tablets instead of just traditional web browsers, we need to raise just a little more money. Please have a look and let me know what you think:

I hope you will please join in to help. Whether you can pledge to support this project or not, would you please tell me who you think might be able to, and share this with your colleagues and friends on email lists and social media with forwarding, likes, tweets, shares, etc.? Thank you very much.

Best regards,

James Salsman


Learning the Lingo

This study reports on the English language acquisition of skilled migrants to New Zealand using findings from the Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand (LisNZ) and the qualitative Five Years On study. Understanding the challenge of gaining English language proficiency is important as language acquisition is known to be a critical factor in a migrant’s ability to ‘integrate’ into a host community and in determining labour market outcomes.


A free advisory website about TEFL and TESOL – course programmes, certification processes, and professional opportunities.

Barriers to Asians

Confident, equal and proud? The barriers Asians face to equality

Presentation by Girling, Liu and Ward.

Minority Student Achievement Network

Comprehensive Assessment for Second Language Learners

Dr Diep Nguyen - Comprehensive Assessment for Second Language Learners: The Basic Model

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Journal of Teaching English with Technology

Journal of Teaching English with Technology - back issues available free with lots of useful articles and free resources. features teaching jobs added each day from reputable recruiters and private and public schools in Korea. The site also features useful information on living in Korea such as restaurants, business directory and classifieds.

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Literacy and Numeracy for Adults

As part of the work to lift the skills of New Zealanders in the workforce, the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults: Te Arapiki Ako website provides information and resources to strengthen literacy and numeracy teaching and learning for adults.


The purpose of is to create a web space where teachers and students of English can learn about and discuss the global spread of English from a critical perspective. This means: investigating English’s connection to globalization; questioning assumptions regarding English as neutral and beneficial; realising that English is embedded in its cultural history; and exploring how English language teaching can serve to replicate and perpetuate inequalities on a global scale.

Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer is a teacher, a teacher trainer, and an author of books and articles for both teachers and students of English as a foreign or second language. His presentation was one of the highlights of the 2008 CLESOL Conference.


ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND is a group of well-established, quality English language schools located across New Zealand.It is a registered society that incorporates the long-standing organisation known as FIELSNZ (Federation of Independent English Language Schools of New Zealand), which was set up in 1986.
ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND - The Ultimate Learning Experience

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Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education: This website will take you to the information on the policies and funding procedures and to resources which support schools with NESB students.


e-asTTle is an online assessment tool, developed to assess students’ achievement and progress in reading, mathematics, writing, and in pānui, pāngarau and tuhituhi. The reading and mathematics assessments have been developed primarily for students in years 5–10, but because they test curriculum levels 2-6 they can be used for students in lower and higher year levels.The new e-asTTle writing tool has been developed for the assessment of students in years 1-10.

e-asTTle provides teachers and school leaders with information that can be used to inform learning programmes and to apply teaching practice that maximises individual student learning. Many teachers using e-asTTle have found it to be a great tool for planning, for helping students to understand their progress, and for involving parents in discussions about how well their children are doing.

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The New Zealand Council for Educational Research is an independent educational research organisation with a bicultural focus. We have an international reputation for producing quality educational research and research-based resources.

National Education Monitoring Project
National Education Monitoring Project
This site is dedicated to providing teachers with information about New Zealand students in years 4 and 8 in a variety of areas of knowledge.

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Progress in International Reading Literacy Study

Thirty-five countries participated in PIRLS 2001, IEA's new state-of-the-art Progress in International Reading Literacy Study at the fourth grade (9- and 10-year-olds). With 150,000 students tested, PIRLS 2001 is the first in a planned 5-year cycle of international trend studies in reading literacy.

IATEFL stands for the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and its mission is to link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals throughout the world.
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Tesol Affiliate

TESOL affiliates offer English language educators professional information and support within their geographic regions. Affiliate conferences, newsletters, and varied membership services encourage information exchange and provide a valuable source of support.
The Independent Learning Association

Independent Learning Association is an organisation for language practitioners and researchers working in or otherwise interested in independent language learning.

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Teaching Jobs Worldwide

Teaching Jobs Worldwide - Worldwide school e-directories for teachers.


VSA Vacancies: Te Tūao Tāwāhi Volunteer Service Abroad provides New Zealand volunteers to work with local people in developing countries. They share their skills, and together help to bring about appropriate, sustainable development.
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English Schools New Zealand

English Schools New Zealand contains information for international students who would like to study or learn English in New Zealand at a language school, as well as teaching jobs in English schools.

English Language Partners New Zealand

English Language Partners New Zealand (formerly ESOL Home Tutors) works in partnership with migrants and refugees to maximise settlement outcomes. Located in 23 areas, the organisation has 280 staff, 8,000 learners and 3,000 volunteers. One thousand new volunteers are trained each year.

English Language Partners offers a range of programmes through a unique mix of trained volunteers and professional teachers. Volunteers provide one-to-one tutoring in the home, and all centres also offer English language groups and the English for Employees programme. Other programmes offered in specific locations include formal ESOL-literacy classes, job mentoring and short-term programmes for improving workplace language skills, drivers’ licence skills and cultural awareness workshops.

The organisation also engages in advocacy work and refers refugee and migrant learners to other agencies.

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Education New Zealand

Education New Zealand’s mission is to “Empower New Zealand’s Education Exporters”.It has five Strategic Goals:
• Provide leadership in International Education
• Improve and Expand Stakeholder Engagement
• Develop the capability of the Industry
• Promote Excellence and Quality
• Improve and Consolidate Business Performance

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New Zealand Educated

New Zealand Educated: This website brings together a wealth of information for students considering New Zealand as their education destination - "your definitive source of New Zealand education Information."

New Zealand Communication Association

New Zealand Communication Association aims to support the recognition, development and application of effective communication practices in New Zealand's business and learning contexts. Objectives:

  • Provide a forum for research and discussion in communication
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and opinion through networking
  • Facilitate collaboration between industry and academia in the fields of personal and public communication
  • be the public voice of communication professionals in New Zealand.

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Workbase: the New Zealand Centre for Workforce Literacy Development is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in improving workforce literacy.

Working in partnership with business, industry training and tertiary education organisations, Workbase develops tailored literacy solutions that support government and company initiatives in workforce literacy, delivering on our vision of a literate New Zealand workforce. To support this growing field, Workbase provides nationwide professional development for literacy and vocational tutors and workplace trainers. As well as training Workbase provides resources, advice and access to an extensive specialist library and the New Zealand Literacy Portal.


MCLaSS offers free adult education and support for refugees and migrants. Our focus is helping new New Zealanders whose first language is not English with:

  • Adult ESOL Literacy Courses
  • Job Brokering and Career Coaching
  • Mother Tongue Maintenance

MCLaSS offices are in the Multicultural Services Centre of Wellington.
Address: Level 1,61 – 63 Taranaki Street
Telephone: 04 384-3693 Fax: 04 384-6292

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Plain English Power

We need to understand forms, contracts and instructions

  • without a translator
  • without a lawyer
  • straight away, at first reading.

Is that so much to ask? After all, we're not stupid. A plain English document or web page can be understood by its intended reader. End of story. Is your group suffering because of hard-to-read public information?

PO Box 19184, Wellington 6149, New Zealand
Phone 04 384 7106

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